Thanks to your attention, we hope that through this platform, you can enhance your understanding and trust in us, thus build a bridge between you and me for cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation. Due to the needs of business development, we are now recruiting the following talents for the community:
Note: the following positions are well received, well paid, giving the company broad room for development.
Recruitment mailbox: hr@cfly-cn.com, recruitment officer: +86 13556317273

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  • Assistant general manager
  • 2years
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  • Shenzhen
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Job duties:

1. Participate in the company's development planning, business plan and major decision making.
2. to assist the general manager to carry out various tasks, dealing with daily affairs;
3, to assist the general manager in coordinating the work of various departments and the working relationship between the heads of branch offices.
4. Assist general manager in organizing and arranging meetings.
5. Collect all kinds of relevant information, data and intelligence to provide references and suggestions for general manager's decision making.
6. make reasonable arrangements and timely reminding of the general manager's schedule, business trip, meeting, reception and other work, and make reasonable suggestions to the general manager's daily work.
7, to assist the general manager in the reception of visitors.
8. Check, supervise and follow up the implementation, implementation and implementation of the tasks assigned by the general manager.
9, the general manager is responsible for drafting, revising and reviewing the documents and rules and regulations of the general manager, and collating all kinds of documents, documents, reports, summaries and other materials, and is responsible for the supervision, treatment and feedback of the general manager's documents.
10, complete the general manager's authorization and other tasks assigned.
Requirements for office:
1. Bachelor degree or above; foreign trade, business English and other majors;
2. Proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
3, have strong executive ability, communication ability and writing ability, work conscientiously and meticulously, have a rational and logical character, and can communicate and communicate accurately and clearly.
4. The data has the ability of statistical analysis.
5, there is a certain project management and promotion ability;
6, we must have a strong sense of time, consciousness, realistic and practical work style, a strategist leadership art, and do a good job in a limited period of time.
7, skilled use of Word, Excel, PPT and other office software, with strong language skills;
8, strong computer and network use skills.